Header Five Ten Grandstone reviewHeader Five Ten Grandstone review

Five Ten Grandstone First Hand Review

One of the most important pieces of gear you will use is your climbing shoes. While many climbers have slight…

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Red Chili Corona VCS: Review

When WeighMyRack was offered a pair of Red Chili shoes to test I promptly elbowed Alison out of the way and…

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Cypher Codex shoe: Review

The CoDex is billed as "the go-to shoe when things get steep [and] can handle small edges and keep you on that…

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How Climbing Shoes are Made

There are 2 main methods to make climbing shoes: slip-last and board-last construction. Slip-lasted shoes are by…

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time to research the best rock climbing shoes

The 40 Brands Selling Climbing Shoes

Can you name more than 10 shoe brands? Most climbers that we ask can't. That's why we wanted to list all the…

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