Review_Edelrid Skimmer 7.1 Pro Dry

Edelrid Skimmer 7.1mm Pro Dry Ropes: First-Hand Review

WeighMyRack's ice climbing ambassador Kirk Turner reviews the Edelrid Skimmer 7.1mm Pro Dry ropes after an icy…

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Furnace Industries Dry Ice Review

Furnace Industries Dry Ice Training Tools: First Hand Review

Whether a professional athlete or just a weekend warrior, we are always seeking an advantage and any possible way…

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Review of Petzl Laser Speed Light ice screw

Petzl Laser Speed Light Ice Screws: First Hand Review

Jeff Shaprio is a pro athlete who's spent 20+ years on ice. Here he reviews the Petzl Laser Speed Light ice…

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Review of the Cassin Blade Runner crampon

Cassin (CAMP) Blade Runner Crampons: First Hand Review

Pro athlete Jeff Shapiro is a total gearhead, always in search of the best tool to get the job done right.…

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Black Diamond Vector Helmet Review

I've been wearing a helmet while climbing for many years now and I think as a whole they've become so light and…

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Red Chili Corona VCS: Review

When WeighMyRack was offered a pair of Red Chili shoes to test I promptly elbowed Alison out of the way and…

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CAMP Nano 22: Firsthand Carabiner Review

If WeighMyRack gave out a "Most Improved" award, it would without question go to the CAMP Nano 22. It's no secret…

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Cypher Codex shoe: Review

The CoDex is billed as "the go-to shoe when things get steep [and] can handle small edges and keep you on that…

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Square bottle crush test

Review: Square Water Bottle

Since we carry water on virtually every climb, we consider water bottles to be essential gear. When the cheery…

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Kevin Jorgeson’s “Perfect Pack” (aka Duracell Quantum Battery Review)

Following his success on the Dawn Wall project, Kevin Jorgeson partnered with Duracell to create a "Perfect Pack"…

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Black Diamond Bullet 16 Climbing Pack: Review

While climbing I found the Bullet 16 pack to be great. It rides well and feels secure without limiting a large…

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Camp Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe

CAMP Corsa Nanotech Ice Axe Review

We stopped by the American Alpine Institute to learn more about their Guides Choice Awards and took some video…

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