Dura Draw Review: First Hand Experience

For years, climbers with difficult long-term projects or heinously steep sport routes would leave their old…

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Metolius FS-Mini Upgrades

Metolius FS Mini: Seriously Updated

There is no marketing BS spewing from the mouth of Metolius Founder and President Doug Phillips, the most humble…

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As seen at the 2015 Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show

New gear in most every climbing category continues to push the limits, albeit in small increments. Although the…

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Edelrid 19g Carabiner

The Lightest Carabiner (and Quickdraw set) on the Market

Warning: This carabiner is not for everybody. It's geared towards the most ambitious 1-2% of the climbing market.…

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Metolius Building Sign

11 Things I Learned Touring Metolius

WeighMyRack spent a day at the Metolius Headquarters in Bend, Oregon. In addition to a tour, I talked with Doug…

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DMM Alpha Light Carabiner

DMM Alpha Light Carabiner, Finally Released!

It's been years of anticipation, but DMM's Alpha Light Carabiner is finally available. This carabiner has such…

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Beal BeSafe Locking Carabiner

First ever: A line of carabiners from Beal

With Beal's main specialty in rope manufacturing, when they set out to create a new line of carabiners, they put a…

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buying used climbing gear

Buying Used Climbing Gear

One of the first questions I hear from new climbers is: “can I buy used gear?” (or “where can I buy used climbing…

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All the brands that make and sell rock climbing gear

Who Makes Climbing Gear? We List all the Climbing Brands.

When your job is to find all the gear that exists, and you look at gear all day, you feel like you should just…

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