Petzl Borea Helmet : First Hand Review

When I think about a good climbing helmet two things come to mind: fit and durability. Fit is important to me…

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New Petzl Gear

Petzl’s Newest 2020 Climbing Gear

In 2020 Petzl is releasing a totally new lightweight glacier climbing harness called the Fly and an updated…

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Grivel New Gear

New 2019 Grivel Climbing, Ice, and Skimo gear

Grivel came out with the most gear out of any brand at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in 2019. Including new ice…

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Ultimate Gear Stashes - Part 1 - WeighmyRack

Behind the Scenes: WeighMyRack’s Gear Stash

We regularly get asked about the gear we choose to use, and we're here to answer that question. Since we live on…

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or summer market header_Hardware

2018 Climbing Hardware: carabiners, belay devices, cams, nuts & more

We went to the Outdoor Retailer trade show to video all the new climbing gear that's coming in 2018. While those…

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Climbing Helmets for Big Heads

If you have a big noggin' your helmet choices shrink drastically. After scouring the WeighMyRack database, it's…

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The Top 10 Best Looking Helmets (from 10,000+ votes)

WeighMyRack set up a comparison test, à la Hot or Not, of 144 helmets. Tens of thousands of votes were cast as…

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Black Diamond Vector Helmet Review

I've been wearing a helmet while climbing for many years now and I think as a whole they've become so light and…

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multi use helmets

13 Multi-use Climbing Helmets for Climbing and Skiing

This question is everywhere, "Can I use my climbing helmet for skiing?" The answer, as usual, has caveats. But, in…

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Black Diamond Employee

What Makes Black Diamond Tick, Part I

With it's steepled brown roofs and off-white walls, arriving at Black Diamond is like stumbling across a quaint…

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