Edelrid Solaris Rock Climbing Harness

The “First Women’s Harness”: Edelrid Solaris

Edelrid's newest women's harness, the Solaris, comes with a bold statement: the Solaris is the first woman…

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Black Diamond Employee

What Makes Black Diamond Tick, Part I

With it's steepled brown roofs and off-white walls, arriving at Black Diamond is like stumbling across a quaint…

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Cassin CAMP Warden Big Wall Aid Harness

Cassin Warden Harness

Cassin (and CAMP) are coming out with some new climbing gear targeting big wall climbers this spring. We'll focus…

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Metolius Building Sign

11 Things I Learned Touring Metolius

WeighMyRack spent a day at the Metolius Headquarters in Bend, Oregon. In addition to a tour, I talked with Doug…

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2014 Beal Harness

Beal’s US Line of Climbing Harnesses: First Look

In 2014 Beal is coming out with 6 new rock climbing harnesses for the US market, a complete harness line-up. We…

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CAMP Blitz Harness

CAMP Blitz Harness Review

We stopped by the American Alpine Institute to learn more about their Guides Choice Awards and took some video…

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buying used climbing gear

Buying Used Climbing Gear

One of the first questions I hear from new climbers is: “can I buy used gear?” (or “where can I buy used climbing…

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harness tie in

Unsafe Beginnings

In college I climbed a bit indoors. After college, my goal was to move somewhere I could climb and explore…

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All the brands that make and sell rock climbing gear

Who Makes Climbing Gear? We List all the Climbing Brands.

When your job is to find all the gear that exists, and you look at gear all day, you feel like you should just…

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