Header Five Ten Grandstone reviewHeader Five Ten Grandstone review

Five Ten Grandstone First Hand Review

One of the most important pieces of gear you will use is your climbing shoes. While many climbers have slight…

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New Five Ten Gear

2020 Five Ten Climbing Shoes (Newest Gear)

In 2020, Five Ten is releasing a totally revamped version of the Hiangle and a brand new entry-level shoe called…

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New SCARPA Gear 2020

2020 SCARPA Rock Climbing Shoes (Newest Gear)

SCARPA is always updating previous models and bringing out new models. For 2020, SCARPA updated the Booster and…

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Five Ten Quantum VCS Cover

Five Ten Quantum VCS – New for 2018

The Quantum VCS is a velcro closure version of the lace-up Quantum released in 2016. Climbers with wide forefeet…

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Five Ten Anasazi Pro Cover

Five Ten Anasazi Pro – New Release in 2018

You can thank Shauna Coxsey for the new Anasazi Pro. She's the one that asked Five Ten to add a toe-patch to her…

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New 2018 La Sportiva Shoes

New 2018 La Sportiva Shoes (details & videos)

Including male and female models, La Sportiva is releasing 5 new shoes in 2018. They're finally making narrower…

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2018 climbing shoes header

44 New Climbing Shoes Coming in 2018

We've documented 44 new shoes from 12 shoe brands. As usual, we'll be making videos so you can hear from the…

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Red Chili Corona VCS: Review

When WeighMyRack was offered a pair of Red Chili shoes to test I promptly elbowed Alison out of the way and…

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Cypher Codex shoe: Review

The CoDex is billed as "the go-to shoe when things get steep [and] can handle small edges and keep you on that…

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How to Avoid Smelly Shoes

There is a lot of conflicting information available about how to reduce or eliminate shoe smells. This post aims…

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