Beal Gully 73mm Unicore GoldenDry Rope

The Lightest & Thinnest Half Rope in 2014

Beal is coming out with the industries lightest and thinnest half rope in the market in 2014. Conveniently it's…

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Millet Opposite 9/10 Climbing Rope

Millet’s 2014 Opposite 9/10 Climbing Rope

At the 2013 Outdoor Retailer Trade Show we caught up with Maro LaBlance and Elliott Bates from Millet. They gave…

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buying used climbing gear

Buying Used Climbing Gear

One of the first questions I hear from new climbers is: “can I buy used gear?” (or “where can I buy used climbing…

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All the brands that make and sell rock climbing gear

Who Makes Climbing Gear? We List all the Climbing Brands.

When your job is to find all the gear that exists, and you look at gear all day, you feel like you should just…

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