best carabiners for anchors

The Best Locking Carabiners for Anchoring in Hangers and Chains

Guest Author and Gear Geek Khoi Chau here to talk about the nuances of locking carabiners. Belay carabiners aside,…

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Solid Gate Carabiner header

Finding the Best Strength to Weight Ratio

Recently we've been deep in gear data, searching for trends and looking for new ways to visualize climbing gear.…

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Auto-locking carabiners

Auto-Locking Carabiner: Why Now?

Screw gates have been the locking carabiner standard since their inception in the late 1890's. Auto-lockers…

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Carabiner Gate Opening

Carabiner Gate Openings Explained

What is a carabiners gate opening? Gate opening refers to the distance between a carabiner's nose and the fully…

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