Black Diamond Z4 cam details header

2020 Black Diamond Z4 Cams and Z4 Offset Cams

A few years ago Black Diamond sat down some of their prominent athletes (including Hazel Findlay, Carlos Traversi,…

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Reslinging Cams

The 9 Best Places to Resling Cams (Black Diamond, Metolius, DMM, Wild Country, Trango)

WeighMyRack does not resling cams or replace trigger wires, but we know a lot of great folks who do! The best…

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Cam resling FAQs

Resling Cams : When, Why, Where, How

How often should you resling cams? Manufacturers say to resling cams about every 5 years, or more often if you…

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Totem Basic Cam Voluntary Recall

Totem is voluntarily recalling all Basic cams with serial numbers starting from 1706200 to 1733205. This only…

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or summer market header_Hardware

2018 Climbing Hardware: carabiners, belay devices, cams, nuts & more

We went to the Outdoor Retailer trade show to video all the new climbing gear that's coming in 2018. While those…

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How to clean your cams

When and How to Clean Cams (SLCD’s)

When to clean your camsWhen their performance starts to decrease you hear grinding the mechanisms feels sticky,…

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Tales of Booty from a Master Pirate

Over the years we’ve all had wonderful and memorable climbs: hard routes sent, projects completed, magical…

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Want More Booty

Quick and Dirty Tips on How to Booty Gear

Whether you are an alpine, sport, or trad climber, gear is expensive, and despite best intentions and skill,…

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2016 Cams by Black Diamond, DMM, Wild Country

So many new cams are coming to the market in 2016 (not to mention the 2015 revamped Metolius cams) that it almost…

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Metolius Master Cam Updates

Metolius Ultralight Master Cams are Overhauled

Metolius pulled out all the stops and re-designed their cams to ensure they definitively deserve their full title:…

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As seen at the 2015 Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show

New gear in most every climbing category continues to push the limits, albeit in small increments. Although the…

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Black Diamond Manufacturing hot forged carabiners

What Makes Black Diamond Tick: Part 2

Black Diamond was born out of litigation so it's no surprise that the company has a very rigorous approach to…

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