Edelrid’s Jul 2 Brake Boosting Belay Device

The Jul 2 is slated as a single tubular belay device. It's tied for the least-expensive brake-assist device on the…

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As seen at the 2015 Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show 1

As seen at the 2015 Winter Outdoor Retailer trade show

New gear in most every climbing category continues to push the limits, albeit in small increments. Although the…

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2015 Rock Climbing Belay Devices

The Newest Belay Devices Coming to Market in 2015

Similar to next seasons carabiners, the trends in belay devices are definitely around safety. An increasing number…

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Edelrid Micro Jul and Mega Jul

Edelrid’s Mega Jul & Micro Jul

When WeighMyRack visited the Edelrid booth at the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show the Germans excitedly asked us,…

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Black Diamond ATC Guide

Black Diamond ATC Guide Belay Device Review

If you can't see the video above, check Vimeo or YouTube. Or subscribe to our Vimeo and YouTube channels to see…

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buying used climbing gear

Buying Used Climbing Gear

One of the first questions I hear from new climbers is: “can I buy used gear?” (or “where can I buy used climbing…

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carabiner tape gear marking

Ways to Mark your Gear

Recently I gave a gear presentation to a local Alpine Group. In previous gear presentations I’ve often heard the…

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All the brands that make and sell rock climbing gear

Who Makes Climbing Gear? We List all the Climbing Brands.

When your job is to find all the gear that exists, and you look at gear all day, you feel like you should just…

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