Are dry treated ropes really worth it?

What are Dry Treated Ropes Made for? Dry treated ropes aren't only for alpine climbing, ice climbing and…

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Want More Booty

Quick and Dirty Tips on How to Booty Gear

Whether you are an alpine, sport, or trad climber, gear is expensive, and despite best intentions and skill,…

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Carabiner Gate Opening

Carabiner Gate Openings Explained

What is a carabiners gate opening? Gate opening refers to the distance between a carabiner's nose and the fully…

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Carabiner Strengths

Ensure your Carabiner is Strong Enough to Climb on

To ensure your new carabiner is strong enough to use rock climbing, make sure it is CE and/or UIAA certified from…

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Gate Flutter and Gate Shutter

Gate Flutter and Gate Shutter Explained

There are two types of scenarios that will unintentionally cause a carabiner's gate to open. 1. Gate Flutter -…

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