How to Find Internet While Working From the Road

How do you find reliable internet when you live on the road? This is one of our most-asked questions when folks…

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ReddyYeti Podcast Features WeighMyRack

We've been following ReddyYeti for months now. In addition to tons of giveaways from badass outdoor startups, they…

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4 on the road essentials

Mobile Office Work Setup

We get a lot of questions regarding how we work while living on the road. Today, we're sharing our mobile work…

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Black Diamond Vector Helmet Review

I've been wearing a helmet while climbing for many years now and I think as a whole they've become so light and…

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CAMP Nano 22: Firsthand Carabiner Review

If WeighMyRack gave out a "Most Improved" award, it would without question go to the CAMP Nano 22. It's no secret…

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The 23 brands that sell Ice Axes and/or Ice Tools

We've scoured the globe to list all the brands and manufacturers that make and sell ice axes and ice tools. Every…

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2016 Climbing Gear Overview

WeighMyRack went to the 2015 Outdoor Retailer summer show and every climbing gear manufacturer and brand to report…

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WeighMyRack camper renovation

World Headquarters Transformation

The remodel was a total success. For official release: We are no longer referring to the WMR World Headquarters as…

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Night Camper Header

WeighMyRack Trailer Gets a Makeover: Part 1

It started out innocently enough when I told Andreas, "I have a bad idea, so I don't really want to tell you about…

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Bison by Road Header

Off to Reunite with the WeighMyRack Trailer

We left Yellowstone NP after a day of mountain biking that afforded us 3 beautiful waterfalls, endless green…

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Racking-Carabiners---see-alll the racking carabiners

All the Rack Pack Carabiner Options

Here are all the racking carabiners available in at least 6 colors, sold as a rack pack or individually. They're…

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Memorial Day weekend deals

Best time to buy gear in season? Right Now.

Usually buying gear in-season is the worst time to buy. Except for Memorial Day weekend, when all the retailers…

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