how to train for climbing with kids

How to Train for Climbing with Kids

Luckily there already are plenty of articles about climbing and parenting (blogs and magazine articles, and more),…

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Travel Insurance Options La Mojarra Colombia

3 Top Adventure Travel Insurances For Your Next Rock Climbing Trip

This guest post is by Jacob Bushmaker, an international climber, and author of the The Wandering Climber. The…

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Reslinging Cams

The 9 Best Places to Resling Cams (Black Diamond, Metolius, DMM, Wild Country, Trango)

WeighMyRack does not resling cams or replace trigger wires, but we know a lot of great folks who do! The best…

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Cam resling FAQs

Resling Cams : When, Why, Where, How

How often should you resling cams? Manufacturers say to resling cams about every 5 years, or more often if you…

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3d print a clip stick

3D Print Your Own Clip Stick (free design)

Clip Stick Design To print your own clip stick, check out the plans on Thingiverse. Below, you'll find the story…

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The Best Setup for Toprope (TR) Soloing

Toprope solo climbing or (TR soloing) is a form of toproping that doesn't require a belayer, making it ideal for…

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3 simple hauling methods

What the Haul? 3 Ways to Help Send Hard Multipitch Climbs

Climbing the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, with a lead line and a haul line. The first time my partner packed a…

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best carabiners for anchors

The Best Locking Carabiners for Anchoring in Hangers and Chains

Guest Author and Gear Geek Khoi Chau here to talk about the nuances of locking carabiners. Belay carabiners aside,…

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How Climbing Ropes Are Made

How Climbing Ropes Are Made (at Edelrid)

Earlier this year we travelled to Germany and toured Edelrid's headquarters and rope making facility. We asked…

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How to clean your cams

When and How to Clean Cams (SLCD’s)

When to clean your camsWhen their performance starts to decrease you hear grinding the mechanisms feels sticky,…

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20-20 gear hindsight

How To Save Money Buying Climbing Gear

Liz here to share some key tips about how to save money buying gear. I've been calling this: The Hindsight is…

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remodeling for climbers

Ideas For Climbers To Keep In Mind When Remodeling

Kaitlin here to share some remodeling tips when it comes to creating a rock climber's dream house. As every…

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