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How to Support WeighMyRack

Thank you for your curiosity of how you can help. Your support enables us to provide all of our material and content for free for everybody.

1. Tell your friends about us 

Shouting from the rooftop top of a climb would be great. A more subtle approach would be reppin’ WeighMyRack shirts. Or stickers on your water bottles, roof top boxes, or helmets.

2. When you buy online, click our retailer links first

(See logos below). When you click these links we get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Usually we receive 5-13% depending on the retailer. Note: You don’t have to buy climbing gear for us to get a commission, it can be a tent, or a bike helmet, or a book —  as long as you click a link below (or any retailer links on our site) when you check out, we’ll get credit.
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