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Contributor Guidelines

These guidelines should give a sense of direction, they’re not meant to be set in stone.

First, we would like to welcome you to contribute to WeighMyRack’s primary blog, or our teaching blog, The Academy. We currently do not pay for contributions other than in love and gratitude and a shout-out to your online pursuits through an AuthorBox (see next paragraph).


As an author you will get an “AuthorBox” (a box at the end of the post) that has a picture, bio, and links to any of your websites/social media. You can completely control the content in this area. It will look something like this:

Example of an AuthorBox

All posts must be gear-related.

Our definition of Gear: Anything you take on a climb (bouldering, alpine, mountaineering, cragging, sport). Ideally it’s gear listed on WeighMyRack.com but we know we don’t have everything yet.

Bonus Points:

Linking to any part of WeighMyRack.com as part of your story (example: when you mention Brand Y Harness, link to that product page on WeighMyRack.com)


Areas to contribute:

WeighMyRack Blog (you’re on it now)

  1. Gear Stories
  2. Tech Talk (aka Nerdy Gear Posts)
  3. Cliff Notes (we’ll open this up when we can give clearer requirements)

The Academy Blog (for all climbers, basic level climbing knowledge to advanced climbing techniques)

  1. The Basics: What each piece of gear is and when it’s used
  2. Gear Anatomy and Features explained with pros/cons
  3. How To Use Gear (for all climbing levels)


What we’re looking for in the different contribution areas:

Gear Stories — Stories about your relationship to/with/because of gear. Think of this as sentimental connections to your gear. The biggest rule of thumb is just make sure the story has a strong gear tie-in to it.

Example Post Ideas

  • The history of your gear (how you acquired it, where it’s been, best moments, the life of)
  • A love letter to a piece of gear (or break-up letter)
  • Why you don’t want to replace a piece of gear (specific memories, life-saving moments)
  • The idiosyncrasies of a particular brand and it’s gear (that make you love/hate them)
  • Advice through example


Tech Talk  – The more descriptive and exhaustive the better! Pictures/videos are definitely helpful. We like graphs. Time to geek out on gear!

Posts are written as if you were talking to a intermediate/advanced level climber. Posts take specific pieces of gear, by name and specifications and talk about/compare their effectiveness based on experience.

Tech Talk does not explain how to use gear (how to use gear is for The Academy Blog).

Example Post Ideas

  • Gear comparisons
    • Popular debates (example: Petzl Reverso vs BD ATC Guide)
    • Top 10 x (x = lightest carabiners, etc)
    • Enlightening graphs (example: weight vs price comparison)
    • Your experience using different types of features (ie: flexible/stiff cam stems or the difference in foam padding on a bouldering pad).
  • Gear Modifications
    • Mods to create more uses (like crampons fitting more boot styles)
    • How to lighten a piece of equipment safely
  • New/Uncommon uses for a common piece of gear (opinion piece, not directional how to use, that would go on the Academy Blog)
  • Manufacturing stories
    • Where gear is made
    • How gear is made (comparison and/or explanation)
  • History of (an entire gear type, or a specific product like BD Hotwire, same name totally different biner).

Further Clarification:

Tech Talk assumes the reader has a basic understanding of what a piece of gear is, when it is used, and it’s basic/intended uses (ie the reader knows what a bouldering pad is, it’s basic use and the intended use of features).

In your Tech Talk article you would talk specifics using brand names/model examples (ie you could compare your experience using the different types hinges on bouldering pad–like does the angled hinge really work as intended? Or you could do a comparison of all the high-ball pads and break down why you might choose specific model over another, potentially going into craftsmanship or material construction.


 The Academy Blog

This blog is for all levels of climbers that goes over any post about HOW something is used. This Academy specifically makes sure to define even the most basic of questions of a new climber. It goes over

  • What gear is (pictures)
  • Where to use gear
  • How to Use Gear (all levels. basic anchors, advanced anchors, etc).
  • When to use a feature
  • The intent of features (not their effectiveness), pros/cons of a feature



Think about the WeighMyRack values as you write:

Integrity = Trust        :open, honest, real & genuine

Make a Difference     :win-win-win, empower, make people happy

Excite & Inspire         :be fun!

Simplicity                    :intuitive & clear-minded


To start contributing

Send us (Alison or Andreas) any of the following:

  • a note lettings us know who you are!
  • thoughts about what/where you’d like to contribute
  • ideas for pieces you’d like to write
  • a piece you’d like to post (and what category you’d like to post it in), for review

Or send us any questions, thoughts, suggestions you have. We always have an open ear for you!

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